Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bike accident, hazard & theft report database using G-Maps

Ever had a bike accident, hit a pothole or -- the worst -- had your ride stolen? Now there's a new place to report and map these incidents: Bikewise, from the people at Seattle's Cascade Bicycle Club.

Is there a particular pothole that has annoyed you for months, but it doesn't get fixed? Channel your frustration! Go into Bikewise's Hazard section (after setting up an account, naturally) and click on Report A Hazard. The simple 4-step process allows you to describe the problem, then locate it in the familiar Google Maps interface.

And how cool is this: because it's Google Maps, you can report a cycling hazard you encounter anywhere in the world.

You can also report crashes (5 steps) and thefts (4steps). There is also a place in your account profile for registering your bike(s).

A database like Bikewise has obvious uses for pro-bike advocates seeking to pressure The Authorities to create, maintain and improve bicycle facilities. But a database need datapoints, so the more people who use it in each geographic area, the better.

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