Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Seattle hold-out house to become 'public'

It was her home, an anti-corporate symbol, and then a tattoo. Now Edith Macefield's house in the Ballard neighborhood will become a kind of park (Seattle P-I):

The literal elevation refers to [real estate "coaching firm"] Reach Returns' plan to elevate the home to the height of the surrounding commercial building and create a two-level open space underneath. The open space would feature plantings and water features and be available to the public during business hours. People can pay $250 to $5,000 (depending on the size) for a tile on which they can write their credo, according to the Credo Square Web site. The tiles would then be installed on the site. The project is also charging $75 (for an individual or family) or $200 (for a company) to have names etched into a wall on the site.
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Credo Square Update: Buyer has criminal history (+ links)

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