Thursday, October 13, 2011

Turn out tonight to back Highway 99 light rail - UPDATE 1

Sound Transit is holding a public meeting TONIGHT on the next stage of light rail between Northgate and Lynnwood.

The meeting will be at 6pm at the Embassy Suites on 44th Avenue West in Lynnwood.

The agency's preferred options are I-5 (option L1) and Aurora/Highway 99 (options L2 and L3) --

"Two 'most promising' options"

L2 is mixed elevated and surface, while L3 is elevated.

While the I-5 alignment will likely be cheaper, a Highway 99 option would enable much-needed Transit-Oriented (re)Development on Aurora above 85th Street. Transit works better when it goes where the people are -- which is not along the freeway.

SHOW UP and let Sound Transit know they need to choose a Highway 99 option to maximize our transit investment!

There will be another opportunity to comment, 6pm Oct. 18 at Ingraham High School, 1819 N 135th St.

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Update 1 (12/9/2011):
Sound Transit screws Aurora corridor, picks all-Interstate 5 alignment

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