Friday, August 10, 2012

Cameron Emptor

An August 2, 2012 article about the three leading PRT systems in a forum called Smartlinks certainly reads well.

Its subject is the race between Ultra and 2getthere to put their first pod systems into service at Heathrow and Masdar City, respectively, as well as a brief history of the Vectus program.

It's a straightforward piece of writing, full of facts and reasonable prose. However, the author byline at the bottom of the story renders the whole thing dubious:

NewsCenter isn't claiming there's anything incorrect in the story. We just can't trust a website that allows an author to write as Britain's Tory No. 1.

But seriously, the 'Cameron' article is plagiarized from the August 2011 piece in the extremely trustworthy TransportXtra. If you missed it, read it there.

Readers have always been able to trust NewsCenter, where we don't blindly tweet or link to any old webpage just because it mentions PRT.

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