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Finding Freely - 4 Updates

Part III of the IPERT series (Updates 2 & 3 May 31, 2014)
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The International Personal Express Rapid Transit story so far has been defined by what Ivan Workman has voluntarily claimed, contradicted, and contra-contradicted. And that is the problem -- all we know about him and IPERT is what he has chosen to make public.

But what about Roger Freely? When he has had anything to say it has been second hand, passed along to the public by Workman.

Why? Who is Freely? Is he even real? We have determined that he is -- and this is where the trail took us:


We've obtained copies of professional resumes of (1) Ivan L. Workman and (2) Roger Freely. They have been provided by a source who wishes to remain anonymous, with whom Workman and Freely attempted to form a business relationship.


Among many, many, many other things, Freely's CV lists professional experience as a paramedic, pilot, curator, LA County Fire Department battalion chief, and an officer in both the US Air Force and UK Royal Air Force.  The only way he could be eligible to serve in the RAF would be if he had dual nationality.

Update 1 - Freely claims his service in the USAF began in 1983 and continues to now, listing the "Rank of Major, brevetted Colonel." In fact, brevetting -- the practice of allowing an officer to temporarily hold a higher rank -- ended in the US military at the end of the 19th century save for when an officer has been officially promoted but the promotion's effective date has not been reached. A similar practice, 'frocking', is rarely used.

He even claims to have been a "movie set paramedic" on some of the Harry Potter films. Only, such positions are listed in the credits of films nowadays, and even though the Potter series' full production credits on list people under jobs such as 'unit nurse' and 'paramedic,' there is no Roger Freely.

The education listed by Freely also appears impressive -- for instance:
"1995 to 1997 – Graduate of Culinary Institute of America (CIA) of Hyde Park, New York – Master’s Degree in Restaurant Management..."
This was news to Stephan G. Hengst, Marketing Director for the Culinary Institute of America, who told the NewsCenter: "...the CIA does not offer a Masters Degree. We offer Bachelors and Associate Degrees only. We've checked all of our available databases; Degree Program Alumni, Students that attended the CIA but did not graduate, and those who took Continuing Education Courses at the college. We have no record of Mr. Freely having attended the CIA."

Freely also lists:
"1996 to 2001 - University of California Irvine – Master’s Degree in Business Administration & Amusement Park Operations"
a bizarre program combination that can't be found at the UC Irvine website no matter how you search it.


Freely's resume contains no contact information, but Workman's resume lists a street address: 1550 Superior Avenue in Costa Mesa (Orange County), California. However, it is very easy to determine that 1550 Superior Avenue is the location of a free medical clinic operated by the nonprofit group Share Our Selves.

This proved useful to our investigation though, because it let us find a listing for an FCC amateur radio license issued to a Roger D. Freely at 1550 Superior Avenue:

One of the few independent mentions of Freely we have been able to find is an old newsletter of Southern California ham radio enthusiasts, describing Roger Freely as having the callsign KG6DVS, and authoring "California's Golden Museums and Historical Places 2005-2007" -- which alert readers will recall from Part I.

Therefore, Roger Freely is Roger D. Freely.


In our early research into Roger Freely, one of the things that turned up was a brief LA Times item from 1991, "Thousand Oaks - Man held over impersonations":
A 27-year-old Orange County man reportedly impersonating soccer officials in Thousand Oaks and Lakewood was arrested by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies Monday on suspicion of violating his federal probation, authorities said.

The man, identified as Roger Freely, is on probation for impersonating paramedics, firefighters, park rangers and Boy Scout leaders.

Two weekends ago, Thousand Oaks parents spotted Freely at an American Youth Soccer Organization game, carrying a police scanner and talking into it, authorities said. Parents told authorities that Freely also offered to take pictures of soccer players and to help them get into commercials...
At the time we saw nowhere to follow it as a lead due to the age of the story. Federal records for mundane individual convictions are not online.  But because Freely's resume contains so much about firefighting as well as listings for sports officiating and scouting, and a 27-year-old then would be 49 now -- Freely's age -- we now believe it 99 percent likely this Freely is our Freely.

There's still that 1 percent doubt, but it pointed our research in an obvious direction.


We looked up Freely in public justice system records, and found a 2013 arrest (* below) involving Freely in Orange County.

Orange County Superior Court information is online, including criminal cases. Here is what searches turn up for Workman and Freely:

  • 10/8/2012 - Roger Douglas Freely and Ivan L. Workman arrested for sleeping in a vehicle (Case #CMZ171579 and #CMZ171580). Workman pled not guilty and the case against him was dismissed 3/6/2013, but...
  • 1/22/2013 - Freely is additionally charged with failure to appear (ibid. #CMZ171579).
  • * 2/10/2013 - Freely booked by the Orange County Sheriff's Department (Intake Release Center reference #2748753), and then...
  • 2/13/2013 - Freely pled guilty to failure to appear and the original charge of sleeping in a vehicle (ibid. #CMZ171579).
  • 7/30/2013 - Workman cited for not having proof of vehicle registration. As yet there is no final disposition for this case (Case #RN76599).
    Update 2 - OCSC now shows this case against Workman as Closed, as of 01/02/2014 ("Dismissed - Proof of Correction"). 
The above timeline is valuable not because sleeping in a vehicle is a big deal, but because it establishes that Freely is an actual person linked to Workman. And by being linked to Workman it establishes Roger Douglas Freely is the Roger D. Freely known to the FCC at the Superior Avenue address used by Workman.

In addition, in early 2013 a warrant for Workman relating to overpaid unemployment benefits was issued by Thurston County, Washington, Superior Court (the Employment Security agency is headquartered in Thurston County). There is also a 2011 case in Issaquah, Washington, Municipal Court, but those records are not online.

While sleeping in a vehicle is not a serious offense, California records do show something more serious in Freely's past.


Orange County Superior Court shows one other case involving Freely:

  • 5/10/2007 - Freely pleads guilty to failure to register as a sex offender (Case #07CF1520).

We should note that Freely does not currently appear in the State of California online sex offender registry. Either he has still not registered, or he is no longer required to register.

Update 3 - Offenders have been and are still required by California's Megan's Law to register for life. 

Update 4 - (3/29-2017) We have been told by an informed source that Freely appears in a southern California county's sex offender registry, and that "25%" of offenders do not appear on the statewide Megan's Law registry. 


It is not the intention of the NewsCenter to claim it an impossibility for anyone with a record like Freely's to invent a maglev transportation system and team with the US Government to build it. There are after all such things as 'troubled geniuses.'  But the fact of his record, together with a resume so fanciful as to cross into the realm of performance art, makes it highly unlikely.

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  1. Update 3: Offenders have been and are still required by California's Megan's Law to "register for life."

    Response: (from Megan's Law website) Not every registered sex offender will appear on this Internet web site. As explained on the Summary of the Law page, approximately 25% of registered sex offenders are excluded from public disclosure by law. Whether public disclosure is permitted is based on the type of sex crime for which the person is required to register.

  2. Freely also lists:
    "1996 to 2001 - University of California Irvine – Master’s Degree in Business Administration & Amusement Park Operations"
    a bizarre program combination that can't be found at the UC Irvine website no matter how you search it.

    Is it possible that the particular program was offered at one time?

    1. No reference of any kind (i.e. not even as something in the past) could be found for "Master’s Degree in Business Administration & Amusement Park Operations". But thanks for playing.

  3. Roger Freely tried to get a 16 year old child to move in with him. He also has a Facebook account. According to Facebook rules and regulations sex offenders cannot have accounts. However Facebook does not provide a way to report him.

    1. Unknown,
      Please provide some documentation, e.g. links to official documents, news articles. You can send it to me at

      Without such confirmation I am inclined to suspend this sort of anonymous vague allegations.

    2. Here is facebooks statement about reporting a sex offender:

      How can I report a convicted sex offender?
      shareShare Article
      Convicted sex offenders are not allowed to use Facebook. If you've encountered an account that may belong to a convicted sex offender, please report it to us.
      Please make sure you provide one of the following with your report:
      A link to a listing in a national or state sex offender registry
      A link to an online news article
      A link to a court document
      If you aren't able to include this with your report, we recommend that you ask a local law enforcement representative to contact us so we can take action on your report.
      Once we're able to confirm someone's status as a sex offender, we immediately disable their account.

      It is in the "help center" of FB. There is a link on the FB page to report it. Look for the blue "please report it to us" text at the end of the first paragraph. Then click on it.

  4. There is an active restraining order in San Bernardino county superior court.

    1. See the new post of 3/28/2017.

      Would you like to share with me who you are, and what is your interest in/connection to this matter?

      Email to prtinfo AT


  5. Roger Freelys newest thing is that he is an Architect. He claims he went guessed it...University of California, Irvine.


    2. California Licensing Board doesn't show anyone named Freely at all.

    3. Please contact me, I have the whereabout of both men..

  6. Freely and Workman are currently working in my office building. Contact me if you want further information. I'd love to see them leave. They're both very odd.

    1. Your G profile in't viewable. Drop me a tip at "prtinfo AT"

  7. (22Nov17) This is a kinda odd one–Part of Workman's (automatically generated?) profile at

    There are no AZ state senators by those names.

  8. Roger Freely was in my living room in Moreno Valley CA in 1992 trying to convince my 13 year old son and his best friend to come to his house to look at his baseball card collection. He told me he was an arson investigator for the Moreno Valley Fire Dept...and an umpire for the San Diego Padres. I was working on the Boy Scout Executive Committee then and found that he was contacting Scoutmasters trying to get boys to ride in his fire car. Took a few days to figure out, but he had been released 6 months prior from CA State Pen for pedophilia. I led city detectives to arrest him on a Little League field where he was umpiring.

    1. Don't forget, he was ALSO an arson investigator for LA County the SAME TIME!!! The story I heard was that he went down for child molestation much later. Supposedly, he beat the shit out of his Battalion Commander. So, the BC said he would make sure that Freely would never work as a fire fighter again and had one of his underlings accuse Freely of molesting a 5 year old girl at work. Of course, the BC was "just making it up to get back at him." However, it IS also true that if you are offenders are hated by everyone, and innocent people really DO get convicted. However, someone told me that Freely won't even go so far as defend himself...just deny, deny, deny. EVEN when confronted with the actual's STILL deny, deny, deny.

  9. "umpire for the San Diego Padres"

    This is so great! He's such a bad liar, this and the supersonic pod transit vehicle.


  10. This whole story is as good as the California High Speed train...which will go much faster than ANY high speed train yet. Except, unline the bullet train, THIS one just keeps getting better and better!!!

  11. Can the author please contact me. I was approached to work for educational program. Thanks. I am on IDBM. Look me up Kristi Mchugh

    1. The series speaks for itself, Kristi. If you have questions, you can send them to