Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fast, Imaginary Ride To Courthouse - 2 Updates

Part IV of the IPERT Series

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The NewsCenter is able to confirm key parts of allegations made, first tipped by a comment on Part III , against IPERT fraudster Roger D. Freely. Not left out of the story is his partner Ivan L. Workman. The March 12, 2017 comment was—
Roger Freely tried to get a 16 year old child to move in with him. He also has a Facebook account. According to Facebook rules and regulations sex offenders cannot have accounts. However Facebook does not provide a way to report him.

The following day, we received an email containing links to official documents in a California court jurisdiction (The NewsCenter is withholding identifying information due to the claim of involvement of a minor)

Having examined the documents, the NewsCenter is able to confirm that two plaintiffs sought temporary restraining orders against Freely and Workman; the orders were granted after an ex parte hearing on March 9, 2017. The orders' pro forma language states the judge found a basis of "unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence, or stalking".

At this time we are not able to confirm any case details, such as the exact nature of the threatening behavior or transcripts of court proceedings (The person who sent us the document links said she is one of the persons requesting the protective orders; she did not respond to follow up questions).

Freely continues to have a working Facebook account.

Both Freely and Workman continue to make claims about their work histories and hawk investment opportunities on LinkedIn accounts.


Civil harassment case

Domestic violence case

Update 1 
(3/30/2017) Two further developments.

Freely and Workman appeared in court March 29, 2017, where the temporary restraining orders against them were imposed for 5 years.

They must follow a number of conditions, two of which are:
  • Must stay 100 yards away from protected persons, their properties, and children.
  • Cannot contact protected persons or seek their locations
Workman also went to court March 30 for a hearing on the domestic violence complaint. Among the conditions he must follow are:
  • Must stay 100 yards away from protected persons, their properties, and children.
  • Cannot contact protected persons or seek their locations.
  • Must move out of current residence.
Both must surrender or dispose of any firearms, and cannot acquire more.

The orders on Freely and Workman expire in 2022.

Freely 3/29/17

Workman 3/29/17

Workman 3/30/17

Update 2 Photo in May 2016 Desert Dispatch article (link to our cloud server) about historic building in Barstow, CA; Freely extreme right, Workman 2nd from right. 4/1/2017 

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