Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eco-city on show at energy summit

The 2010 World Future Energy Summit came home to Abu Dhabi this week, and one of the well-attended press tours was the Masdar carbon neutral city being constructed outside the capital. The Cleantech Group, Greentech Media and Gulf News had the most interesting visual reports:

Cleantech Group

Offices of portables
This is most of Masdar City

Check your ICE at the door

Working water feature

Say, is that Wolf Blitzer?

The beam down stop

Stats incredible

Just don't walk under it...

Array of sunshine in the desert
Scaffolds and PV roof racks

Masara down with the PRT

Room for six seated

Magnets, you're grounded!

Private screening

Vaguely Tattoine?

Future breakthroughs someday?

Greentech Media

Gulf News

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